The Battle

The two participants face each other in an arena with their selected team of three heroes chosen before the battle, employing strategic positioning, basic attacks and unique skills.

The battle is both turn-based and round-based.

At the beginning of every round the turns are dictated by the heroes’ current Speed attribute, this attribute varies between heroes.

Because the move and skill actions use up the heroes’ Speed resource, the turn order changes dynamically during the round until it ends. A round ends after every hero on the board uses up his 5 actions.

Each turn has a time limit, if an action was not taken within the time limit the game will automatically choose the Rest option for the player.

Each turn the player can choose between three actions per hero;

Move - change the position of their hero (range is stat dependent).

Skill - Use a skill available to the hero being played.

Rest - Take no action during the turn to recover 20% of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. Rest will restore 15 Speed if the Speed resource is below 15.

The goal of the battle is to defeat the opposing team before it defeats you. By using strategic thinking, you can turn the tide of battle against your opponent, and win rewards and experience that will help you upgrade your heroes and progress through the game.

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